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What our Parents and Kids Say About Stardust Yoga Studio.

I have been taking Michelle Leibrock’s yoga class on Wednesday morning’s at 9:00am when my son has gymnastics. This is the perfect class for me. My flexibility is limited so I was always intimidated by yoga. Michelle is a great instructor that takes everyone where they are at. I have seen my flexibility and yoga technique greatly improve under her guidance.

Carol Ann Smith

I have been going to Stardust for about two-and-a-half years. From the first day I showed up, the instructors have always been, warm, welcoming, and supportive. They are always willing to modify things according to people’s needs and abilities. It’s a laid-back environment free of pretension or pressure.  One of the best things is the punch card system-you can attend as frequently as you wish and be flexible when life circumstances change.

Alicia Spicer

Stardust Yoga is a hidden gem! It was the best find I could make when looking for a yoga studio near my area.  Yoga had become more than just an exercise routine for me and I wanted to get more out of it other than just your regular workout from a home DVD.  Stardust Yoga has provided me with a more stable practice and appreciation for it. I love the one-on-one approach they use by paying attention to each individual’s needs in every class.  I always take Debbie’s class on Wednesday evenings because that’s the only time I have available for myself and she’s a wonderful teacher.  I haven’t had the pleasure of taking other classes with the other teachers but everyone else in class has given me such positive feedback on all of them.  The days in between classes I use what I learned in class and incorporate it into my home practice and what a difference it has made in the way I do yoga at home…AMAZING! I try to make class once a week but when I can’t I feel like I missed out!  Yoga has helped me in many ways and that includes physical, mental and spiritual and Stardust Yoga helps to incorporate those elements into every class.  I highly recommend Stardust Yoga Studio, it’s become my sanctuary. Can’t wait for the next class!

America Rios