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Our Teachers at Stardust Yoga Studio


Jenine Clevenger, RYT

Jenine loves sharing the transformative and healing practice of yoga with both kids and adults. Her classes begin with focused breath awareness, centering, and warming. They transition into slow flowing vinyasa sequences using conscious breath with focus on alignment and subtle body energy. Finally, each class ends with time for total relaxation and meditation. Students leave feeling calm, centered, and energized. Jenine’s other passion is art. She holds her B.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Utilizing her art background, Jenine makes her kids’ yoga classes playful by incorporating yoga games and art in addition to asana, relaxation, and meditation. She also teaches yoga and art workshops to kids (first half of class consisting of yoga and second half of class being hands on art projects). Jenine’s first teacher training was with Global Family Yoga in 2012 where she learned techniques for sharing yoga with children and their families. In 2014 she advanced her yoga teacher skills and obtained her 200 hour training certificate to teach Hatha Yoga from Essencia Yoga. Jenine lives in Brookfield with her husband and her son along with their dogs, chickens, and cat.


Denise Krell

Denise discovered yoga in 1978 with a university academic yoga class, followed shortly thereafter with her first hatha yoga physical education class. Today yoga affects her entire life, drawing her to India where she is honored to study with Sri Sharathji, the world authority of Ashtanga/Mysore yoga, who recently passed her into the Second Series. Denise has a daily dedicated Mysore practice under Sharath’ student Todd Boman (Authorized Level 2.)  She still attends workshops with other Authorized and Certified Ashtanga/Mysore teachers.

Denise has a quiet life. In warm weather, she spends countless hours in her flower beds and takes her dog, Chase, on adventures in the woods. She often rolls up her sleeves to takes on home improvement projects. True books are her preferred reading material. She has a rich family life, married with a grown son. She visits with her extended family often and enjoys adventures with her grand-nieces and nephew who live nearby.


Jim Dietz, CYT

Jim began practicing yoga eight years ago looking for relief from injuries from years of running. He enjoyed the way his body felt after his practice and really loved how it made him feel mentally. He initially took classes at an Iyengar Yoga studio and, subsequently, studied Vinyasa, Ashtanga and restorative yoga styles as well. Jim received his 200 hour certification from Moksha Yoga Chicago in 2011, where he logged over 700 hours of study. He has been teaching in the Western suburbs since his certification. Jim believes that yoga is for everyone! His style incorporates Vinyasa flow at the beginning of the asana (physical) practice to warm up the body, then moves into an Iyengar-influenced style where poses are held for longer periods of time to help students build strength, focus and flexibility. He places great emphasis on alignment and an awareness of one’s physical being to ensure students’ safety in their practice. In his use of the many props available, Jim appreciates that students are well supported so that they may attain the maximum benefits of their poses. His teaching style encourages students to unite the body, breath and mind and to find that balance between sukha and stirdha (effort and ease). Jim works as a tax accountant and enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, gardening and educating himself on healthy living.

Melissa Lessard

Melissa Lessard has been practicing yoga since 2005. After developing a daily practice she realized how passionate she was about the feeling of wellness and happiness she achieved and wanted to help spread that sense of peace throughout the community. She completed her 200-Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga by Degrees in 2015 and has eagerly joined the yoga community to share her experiences and love. Having a background in Psychology and Social Science gives Melissa a distinct perspective on mindfulness that aids her students. While she's not teaching yoga to adults, Melissa empowers girls in elementary school through an after-school program that combines yoga, reading, and mentoring. Through Mission Propelle she equips girls to discover who they are, what they believe, and how  to advocate for themselves.


Jaci McCarty, CYT

Jaci began her yoga journey after a running injury. Jaci instantly noticed the benefits to her body however she did not expect the profound positive changes that would impact her thought patterns and habits. Through the practice of yoga Jaci discovered a deeper connection between her mind and body, as well as, she learned to cultivate the breath. Through breath awareness Jaci came to the realization that the breath could be used as a tool for creating positive changes in her own life. Once she discovered how yoga could be used for personal transformation, she wanted to share the benefits with others. Jaci completed her 200-hour teacher training at the Temple of Kriya Yoga Chicago, studying with Kim Schwartz and David Lipshutz and then went on to complete an advanced training at Prairie Yoga with Lori Gaspar. Jaci's teaching style is based on the Hatha Yoga tradition where she focuses on grounding and opening energy that helps her students to connect with their mind and body. Jaci enjoys teaching with the seasons and providing insight into everyday life. She has the intention of giving her students the tools to be able to take their yoga practice "off the mat" and use it in everyday life so they are able to live with intention and be the creator of their own life experience. Jaci is very passionate about sharing yoga with her students including middle school and high school aged children.