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Stardust Yoga Studio Class Descriptions

Stardust Yoga Studio was established as a program within Gemini Gymnastics Academy in 2011. We are dedicated to providing a positive learning experience for children, teens and adults of all ages and ability levels. All of our classes are open to new, developing, and experienced students alike as our expert instructors can modify class content based on individual student’s needs.

We invite you to explore the benefits that our classes can offer: tension-relief, balance, alignment, flexibility, strength, focus, relaxation and awareness. Bring stability and balance into your life by joining our friendly community and explore the endless benefits of movement!

Adult Classes


Barre Above

This class effectively works your whole body through the use of functional strength training without using weights! Please note, this is not a yoga class, but is a great compliment to your yoga practice.


Ashtanga Mysore Yoga

Dynamic, Challenging, Centering, Meditative, All People

The Primary Series of Ashtanga Mysore Yoga is specifically designed to make the body healthy: strong, steady, flexible and free of disease. It is a method.  Students practice individually in a group setting under the guidance of a teacher and learn a set sequence of postures. New postures are added to the sequence a few at a time. The postures are joined by movements linked with breath, called vinyasa.

No props are used. The teacher helps students modify the poses in a way that is right for them and provides students many hands-on adjustments. The room is kept at a near-normal indoor temperature because the body will create its own heat to oxidize the blood and carry that oxygen to the organs of the body.

With practice and time, a student’s emphasis shifts away from the postures and vinyasa movements to include smooth breathing, gazing points and energy locks; doing all of these simultaneously requires deep concentration. Students are drawn inward by this. Eventually the practice becomes a moving meditation that incorporates all eight limbs of yoga.


Hatha Flow

A meditative class that includes a balanced combination of sustained asanas (poses) and poses that flow in a mindful progression from one to another. Attention to basic alignment and observing breath and body are an integral part of class. Use postures, breathing techniques, and mindfulness to cultivate balance and create a sense of well being while increasing strength and flexibility.


Gentle Flow

Gently flow through a thoughtful sequence of both classic and restorative yoga poses. Rejuvenate with this calming class and leave with a feeling of balance and ease.


All Levels Hatha

Relax through a mindful meditation as you energize your body. Flow through poses that gently target strength, balance, digestive health, and lengthening.


Restorative Yoga

This restorative yoga practice is a calm, relaxing flow that provides physical healing for the body and nurturing rejuvenation for the mind. Positive affirmations and guided meditation, combined with supported and grounding poses promotes balance in the body, clarity in the mind, and centering in the spirit.

Kids Yoga


Kids Yoga (Ages 5 and up)

Children ages 5 & up are invited to practice a fun, active and relaxing yoga class where they will practice asanas that balance, stretch and strengthen while also playing fun yoga movement games and allowing time for relaxation. Yoga classes are great fun for kids and appropriate for all levels of experience. An art activity will be integrated into many of the classes.

Youth Yoga

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Youth Yoga (Ages 9 & Up)

This yoga class for older kids will include breathing techniques, flowing yoga asanas (poses), guided relaxation with visualization, and meditation. Learn techniques to enhance focus, balance, calm, and present moment awareness while gaining strength and flexibility. Creative expression with a variety of art materials will follow meditation at the end of class.

Family Yoga


Family Yoga (age 5 and up)

This yoga class is designed for children and their parents participating together. Participants will practice yoga in a fun and active style while also enjoying the calming and relaxing benefits that yoga is know n for. Yoga increases strength, flexibility, concentration and balance. Practice yoga asanas, play yoga movement games and relax!